About Tejas Studio

Tejas Studio features the photographs of Austin, Texas based photographer Sanjay Nasta.   Sanjay is the founder of MicroAssist, Inc, is the associate editor for numerous websites including:

He loves to donate his prints to worth charities.  Charities that have sold his prints include:

  • Lifeworks/Leapworks
  • The Miracle Foundation
  • AU40 – Young Men’s Business League

This page was inspired by my neighbor Trey Ratcliff of Stuck in Customs.  Trey is generous in sharing his work and advice, and insists on putting large copies of his pictures on the Internet.

  • Rocky

    Wish you had photographs of Texas heritage – Cowboys, Longhorns, Rolling prairie land, Cattle herding, Roping, Rodeo, Show grade horses, saddles…. etc.  You can not be Tejas just in name !

  • Rpclu

    Missed complimenting you on the fabulous images you have on here in my previous post.  I apologize, Sanjay